Silkar “Assembly Stages”

We produced English and Turkish instructional videos for Silkar – Akdo that explain product preparation and assembly stages.”

The purpose of the videos was to provide instructional content to their suppliers on the preparation and assembly stages of their products. The videos were produced in both English and Turkish to cater to a wider audience.

An instructional video is a type of video that provides information, directions, or guidance on how to perform a specific task or learn a particular skill. These videos are typically used as a teaching tool to educate and train viewers on various subjects, such as how to use a product, how to complete a process, or how to perform a task. Instructional videos can be created in various formats, including live-action or animation, and can be produced for a wide range of industries, from education and healthcare to manufacturing and technology. The goal of an instructional video is to provide clear and concise information in a visual and engaging way, making it easier for viewers to understand and retain the information being presented.


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