Girvak “Accelerate2030”

“We produced an invitation film for Accelerate2030, a global and multi-stakeholder program that works towards fulfilling the needs of sustainable development initiatives and supporting their growth with the mission of contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Kinetic typography is a technique used in video production where text is animated to create motion graphics. It involves the movement of text elements on the screen, often synchronized with accompanying audio or music, to create a dynamic and visually engaging visual effect. Kinetic typography can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to convey information in an educational video, to add emphasis to key points in a marketing video, or to create visually stunning effects in a film or music video.

The movement of text in kinetic typography can take on many forms, including scrolling, fading, rotating, stretching, and bouncing, among others. The typography itself can be designed in various fonts, sizes, colors, and styles, and can be used in combination with other graphic elements such as images, icons, and shapes. Overall, the goal of kinetic typography is to enhance the impact of the text on the viewer by creating a more dynamic and memorable visual experience.

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